Wednesday, 15 February 2012


salam to all my readers. act my blog is still under construction,okehh. but one of my best friend insisted me to open it..so, yeah,that's why u can read this!

regarding about the tittle of my post,i'm going to sell my own scarf under my own label. yeahh,u hear me,girls! i'm very excited n looking forward for the moment to release it at the end of feb or at the beginning of march.now,the plan is still going.and i'm going to get the best price as my scarf is custom made, you see! i want my customer to be very satisfied with my product which they cannot buy at any other shop.here is a little thing about my plan.let us read this together,k.

so,basically,this idea was coming from my problem act.I will do the other entry to tell the whole story. so here,i make it short.Currently,I'm wearing arini n syria (size L) and also pashmina.But there,deep inside my heart,I want to wear the shawl like the first time I wore it but this time,with a better way,to cover up my chest.So,I do a lot of research and found one.Unfortunately,the price is expensive and i don't think that students like me can afford to buy it many times.I bought one for testing.Then,I thought,

 "Why not I make this shawl on my own and I also can sell it especially to muslimah who is facing the same problem that I have."

then,here u go!currently,the plan is still on process.hope that the plan is going to be reality.amin.

As this scarf is custom made,so I think that it is better + syok + superb to have my own label.I did some searching on the Internet n found a lot of companies/individual who is working on doing labels.The sad part is that all the company only take orders in large amount like 500++,1000++ n 12000++.Hey,kau ingat ak ade banyak duit ke? the price is reasonable because the more we order,the lower the price per pcs, but it is a loss that i only want to order only 50pcs as a starting.Lastly, I found a person who take small quantity of labels.I connected to her thru email, n ofkos,i'm a very fussy person,but K.YAN (the owner) still treat me nicely.A big lot of thanks to her.The labels are her custom made n I'm very2 satisfied with her work.The price is very2 n most reasonable price that u cannot find it at any other place.Go n check out her blog n order your label today! ecececeh.mcm promoter plak.hee. kat SINI.

this is my label,it is very cute.credit to k.yan.

I also have my own page.I think it is the easiest way to promote our product as well as to connected to our customer.If u want to make ur own page,here is the tutorial for you.ok,u can be friend of mine at here and u can like my page here if u r interested with my shawl.


As it is still in production,so the shawl will be released at the end of feb or at the beginning of march.i'm really hoping that the period will be shorter than that.I can't wait anymore 2 sell it to those who are longing for these kind of shawl,BIG and LARGE.


1. This is the custom made shawl.So,I'm very concerned about the quality.I try to give the best to my customer so that they will feel very contented about my shawl.I will try the best!

2. The size is the most special about my product.It is very BIG and LARGE for those who want to be stylish,feminine yet still cover up your chest.

3.The material that I use for my shawl is chiffon and satin.I picked the material which is very soft , flowy and it will make you look very feminine in an Islamic way.

4.The price is very reasonable and affordable.I will give discounts for u if u buy in large numbers.
pic credit to mr.google

That's all about my latest project.Hope u'll like it,girls.

pic credit to mr. google

pic credit to mr. google

Manusia hanya mampu merancang dan Allah s.w.t. sahaja yang berhak menentukan segala perkara yang menjadi ketentuan-Nya.

semoga segalanya berjalan lancar.amin.

thanks for reading my blog


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