Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Alhamdulillah.after a month ++ of planning, my project, ANNISA SCARF,open for pre-order.Thanks to all who were supporting me n most special is my father because he sent me to some places to settle about this.

so, here they're!

our label

:: pre-order is open from 6march-13march ::

the grey is lighter
the pink is like pink purplish

the turquoise is a little bit greener.

ANNISA SCARF is a big and large shawl, bigger than the pashmina.
very sure that if u wear it correctly,you can cover ur chest as well as ur back.

so,if u're interested,feel free to have a glimpse on my PAGE.

thanks.wslm w.b.t

thanks for reading my blog

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Nur Athirah said...

Boleh minta ukuran shawl x?