Tuesday, 13 March 2012

shoes,shoes and shoes

assalamualaikum uolls
hope everything is fine,k
so,today,hang out with my siblings,my eldest sister with her children,amsyar and airis...and also my youngest sister,aisyah..
our mission:

ok..firstly,went to east coast mall,a.k.a ecm...
today,it's raining cats and dogs..

pic credit to google

it is very syok to hide under your blanket at this moment

so,firstly went to vincci..while i'm taking care of my niece,my sisters chosing their shoes...my eldest sister found her shoes..but aisyah didn't..

so,went to others store to proceed for our mission again
*so,why i'm very formal today??? weird..huh? me too..

then,found her shoes at brands outlet

next,my turn to get my shoes
so,went to Clarks..
naaahh,can't find one

then,go to parkson
found one,but unfortunately,don't have my size..out of stock,k
very frustated!!!

i have to buy a new shoes
right now,i only have wedges,wedges and wedges

credit to google

i just want to find a simple one and for sure,flat!

this friday,insyaallah,i'm going to start a journey to Perak..so,I really need a flat shoes for that reason...do you think that wedges is suitable for a long journey??
i'm definitely not agree with that!

so,tomorrow the mission is going to be continued
this time,i have to force my father to follow me
i don't think that he can wait for me to pick the right shoes,haha

how about your shoes?? which one do you prefer??

refresh our imann~always

thanks for reading my blog

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