Tuesday, 13 March 2012

TagMe GiveAway by LolliCraft

bertemu kita lagi dalam blog nancy anisa a.k.a blog yang suka menjoin giveaway dan yang sewaktu dengannya...

kali nih,saya join giveaway by LolliCraft

well,kami diminta like fan page beliau
and i observed the photos to find the items that i like
recently,just fall in love with felt craft
and i'm definitely very interested with her felt craft
it looked very awesome,neat and creative!
i suggest you to go and make your order of any craft felt to LolliCraft
it's very worth it !!!

honestly,i love all the items in the hp case album
the crafts are very neat

i love butterfly

this one is very smart(like a camera)

don't you feel that they're cute??

this is very awesome!!!

this is what we call creative

i don't know about the price..but,if it is quite expensive,i think that it's really worth it,every cents of it !!!

*sekarang,bertukar jadi promoter felt...huhu

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